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Carl D
Amazing massage I went to Paul with backache and he did an amazing job treating it. I highly recommend he really took his time and makes you feel at ease. Friendly chap.
Kevin H
Magnificent Massage Paul always listens to your needs before he kneeds the problem away. Always worth a visit
Liam W
Professional and friendly guy Friendly, with a keen eye for spotting you issues. Really helped me out.
Jen B
Knee treatment Thanks Paul, knee is feeling do much better for your treatment
Jag P
Upper back, neck and shoulders massage. I have been seeing Paul regularly for over 5 years and have been most impressed and totally satisfied with his service and approach. I would highly recommend him.
Marisa S
First session Great session that went straight to the problem! Very effective treatment from a lovely personality. Paul gave as much pressure as I could handle and I looking forward to the next one.
haresh lad
absolutely fantastic A fantastic treatment for the old and young that is both tough and fun!
Samantha H
Great massage- eased my headaches I was having a lot of problems with neck and shoulder tension leading to quite persistent headaches. This massage was very effective, deep tissue and eased a lot of the tension and consequently the headaches. Paul told me what he was doing at each stage and checked that the pressure etc. was right. He also gave good information on follow-up care after the massage which was very useful. Would recommend and would have again.
Neck and shoulder massage Paul hits the spot! Excellent treatment.
A true professional I've been visiting Paul for quite some time. Nothing phases him. Specific issues always dealt with speedily and decisively. Always full of tales and wait until he gets his toys out!
Nathan M
Excellent Always a useful session with Paul, regardless of when you last saw him. Excellent rapport; would recommend.
Tal A
Brilliant expert! Paul is a amazing at diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, as well as recommending rehabilitation stretches and exercises. He has helped me immensely. Can highly recommend him.
Jemma P
5 STAR SERVICE I could not have entered half of the ultra runs that I have raced if it was not for Paul's excellent physio sessions. Not only does he fix me back up when I've done something stupid but he can spot a potential injury before it happens and treat it. I always come away from a session with more knowledge on injury prevention and a mental list of stretching exercises that I need to switch to. Entering my first 100 mile run in a few weeks and a session with Paul is a must before I even think about going. Every finish line that I cross, I know it is only because Paul fixed me up and advised me on how to stretch between runs and to listen to my body for signs of injury before it occurs. He tailors each session to my needs and requests. From sports massage to hot stones (when i am feeling delicate) and acupuncture. I cannot recommend highly enough. As a runner, going to Paul is the best move that I have made.
Frank Fay
Excellent massage Lower and upper back problems sorted out. Great therapy
Enza C
excellent reatment, recommend Paul White to anyone! Back
Ed T
Game changing! Wow..what an enlightening experience! Truly inspired by my visit today...thanks for great massage and top tips..look forward to my next visit
Steve B
Advise Good Treatment great
Graeme C
Fantastic Having moved from Coventry to Leicester I was looking for someone to replace my sports masseur. Paul has exceeded my expectations. He keeps you informed as to what he is doing and more importantly why he is doing it..
Rosemary H
Back I cannot recommend Paul's ministrations highly enough. He seems to have the knack of knowing just where on the body he needs to concentrate to alleviate a problem, and the source of your pain never seems to be where the pain is at. His massaging techniques are different from other practitioners and in my experience much more effective.
Stef S
Great discovery. Met Paul yesterday following a deal found on Groupon. I asked for a focus on sorting my 'tight' hamstrings. Well, I went through pain BUT what a revelation the results were the best I've ever encountered and I have had several treatments and styles in the past. The bottom line is if you wish for results then you will not go far wrong here! I am about to book 10 sessions with him soon. PS he finished with a 'neck' massage/treatment and this was very affective too since it is also a problem area of mine.
Jag P
Massage - upper back & shoulders Paul has been absolutely fantastic for me, made a huge difference on reducing pain and easing structure and muscle issues on my upper back, neck and shoulders. I would highly recommend his services.
The best there is A skilful, experienced therapist with great knowledge and wide training. A great guy too with a very eclectic taste in tunes!
dave m
great massage always performs where all other have failed - fully reccomended
Alison H
Professional Service Had x2 half hour sessions.Paul was very professional and very informative on both visits.He explained exactly what he was going to etc.Arm much better .Would defiantly recommend Paul.
Caroline M
Fantactic I feel insteadly better. Temperory pain for a brilliant result. Thanks paul
Lisa B
Great Hot stone Paul was absolutely excellent highly recommend.
Highly Recommended! I never come away disappointed from my massages. Paul listens to you and works with you to alleviate problem areas/aches/discomforts. Paul's expertise and experience is evident when he works on other areas of the body which may be causing the pain; using a variety of techniques. I always look forward to my sessions and definitely feel the benefit! Highly recommended
Paula R
Injury Rehab - Piriformis, post-coccyx impact and multiple other injuries Paula White is brilliant!! I can't recommend him highly enough. I was recommended to see Paul by Rory Coleman Performance Coach not knowing what to expect apart from some suffering and hopefully a cure for 6 months of sciatic pain following a coccyx impact - totally unresponsive to treatment elsewhere plus other long term injuries after a car hit me whilst cycling years ago. Paul spent 4hrs doing extensive testing and intensive treatment which includes him standing on various limbs whilst you move them below the pressure. Be warned this treatment is not for the fainthearted - but it is highly effective. Afterwards we had a map of my body and all the injuries correctly identified and diagnosed for the first time ever (piriformis nerve entrapment turned out to be purely muscular - firing in the wrong order), and I stood up with the same dancer's posture I used to have over 12 years ago!! Surprisingly little stiffness or pain next day and feel straighter already. I have a exercise and foam roller programme to work on my injuries and am am 100% confident that Paul knows what he's doing and hope to resolve the imbalances causing my pain using this plan. I will post another review with the results.
julie s
massage Excellent, I will def be back
Nick Wardle
Massage Expert I tried Paul out after buying a Groupon voucher. After this i have continued to return. Being a Body Transformation Coach myself I know there is a big difference between sports massage professional some are good some are not so good. Paul is very knowledgeable and uses a variety of massage techniques which i think is great. Most of all he has fixed alot of my niggles too. I recommend him to all my clients and he's worked with a 7 so far who were also impressed too.
Naina Patel
neck and shoulder Paul is an absolutely fantastic therapist. I took my son to see him as he was suffering from neck and shoulder strain due to pressure of exams. Paul's approach was funny and sensitive to the needs of my son. He gave useful tips regarding exercise and the massage and techniques has helped my son to regain neck movement and relieve pain.
Jen B
Reviving and relaxing Just what I required, tight muscles loosened and left feeling relaxed after what has been a stressful few weeks
Sports massage Excellent massage woeking on my shoulder injury. Aftercare adive given would recommend this service and i will be using Enhanced sports massage again.
Steve Bostock
Sports massage A genuine and sincere practitioner. Communication and treatment are sincere in that it's all in the patients best interest. He talks the talk and walks the walk and despite the fact the treatment is sometimes unavoidably uncomfortable I appreciate it. Happily recommend him.
Lynn C
Sports Massage After Five years horribly suffering with a double prolapsed disc and being passed from pillar to post with no end to pain in sight I was recommended to Paul. Well in six months this man has turned my life around. I cannot express enough my gratitude for his knowledge and skill that has literally given me my life of movement back.....Paul I thank you
Owen S
Sports massage We visited Paul after discovering our son had several issues with joints, Paul not only spent time working on him but also taught us techniques to do at home too. Faultless, many thanks
Alan Tully
Superb Service After having many massages over the years, Mark is by far superior and professional at what he does. And with out doubt worth every penny for his services. Can not recommend him highly enough.
Gill C
The Best! Paul is a skilled, kind and caring practitioner, who goes the extra mile and makes sure he tailors the treatment to each person. The number of different techniques he uses is brilliant and I always leave with a smile on my face and looking forward to the next treatment. Thanks Paul
Time to have a good knees up! Paul has cured my knee injury which I've had for 6 years! I found him to be professional, approachable & friendly, I would highly recommend him. Time to celebrate & have a good knees up! Thank you Paul!
Steve G
Brilliant!! I suffered with back pain for many years, I've seen over the years many Physio's, Osteos' etc,.
Paul, had a different approach which was extremely effective and after three treatments he had not only relieved the pain, but had got to the root cause. 
Paul W
stunning treatment! I have had treatment a few times with Paul, and every session has fixed the problem ! amazing chap - i highly recomend you visit him !
Aisha A
Very Helpful Welcoming && knowledgeble! Definately need to go again!
Linda P
Sports Massage Excellent job done, especially on my hip, which was sore. Much better now. Does a very thorough job in very pleasant surroundings. Will certainly be back for more